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Need a platter for an upcoming client meeting, or get-together with friends? We can create custom platters with jamón, cured meats, Spanish cheeses, or even farm-direct seasonal fruits/vegetables for you. Includes delivery within downtown Portland, NW, and inner Eastside. Vegan and gluten-free options also available. Contact us for details and pricing


@home: The Ibérico CARVER'S table™

Get ready to taste some of the best of jamón and embutidos that Spain's charcuterie masters have perfected, delivered to your home. The Ibérico Carver's Table™ is a bimonthly subscription of jamón and cured meats that are selected specifically for jamón aficionados. 

Cortador Manuel Antonio Recio will select jamón from several regions and Denominations of Origin in Spain. We'll even dive into specific cuts from various parts of the jamón, so that you can learn to appreciate the nuances of the different aromas, flavors, and textures from each unique section. 

The jamón is expertly sliced and packaged for you here in the U.S., and expedited the same day via USPS Priority Mail (arrives in 2-3 days).    

  • 2.5 oz package of jamón + 1 oz package of featured embutido

  • $38/edition, every 2 months. Cancel anytime.

  • Includes FREE Shipping.

  • All jamón is "cortado a cuchillo" (sliced by knife) by Master Carver Manuel Antonio Recio

  • Embutidos will include a variety of cured meats, from lomo Ibérico de bellota, to chorizo Ibérico, salchichón, Catalan fuet, cured morcilla, and more.

Due to the personal nature and extra care involved in preparing this subscription, availability is limited to a select number of members. If you are interested in joining the Ibérico Carver's Table™, complete the form below. 

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live outside of Portland, but you need a specific amount for an upcoming gathering?

Pre-sliced packages in 8 oz and 16 oz sizes can be shipped to you, via our online shop, Conserva -- availability is updated weekly.