Sharing the tradition of Spain's Jamón Ibérico.


Spain's jamón ibérico is a magnificent expression of the relationship between people and the land. An intricate bond between the oak forests, noble Ibérico pigs, and master artisans exists to preserve a millennia-old ecosystem, which sustains a cultural legacy and creates the crown jewel of Spain’s gastronomy.

Each jamón takes years to produce, and proper presentation is essential to enjoy it to the fullest. In doing so, we also honor the efforts of the many people involved in the making of true Jamón Ibérico. 


event carvinG/CATERING

Treat your guests to a splendid experience, with jamón carving at your event.

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Platters and pre-sliced packages available to complement your event’s offerings. From Spain's regional charcuterie with jamón + embutidos to seasonal fruit platters, delivered to your door. 

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